Mobile time recording: workforce management – any time, any place

Mobile time recording systems for mobile workforces

Smartphones, tablets and apps have turned traditional working methods upside down. After all, if you appreciate how convenient the new gadgets make your private life, you’ll never want to do without them when you're working. In particular in companies were staff don't just work in the office but at varying locations, creating a demand for flexibility in the recording of working hours, there are areas where modern Workforce Management with mobile time recording can be extremely useful: can staff also get their working hours recorded when they’re out and about and access the latest data? How is it possible to guarantee coordination and management of field staff? Are project timings essential for accounting and billing automatically relayed to headquarters? ATOSS Mobile Workforce Management provides the optimum solution for tackling the challenges posed by a mobile world of work with flexibilized working times, enabling simple integration of mobile time recording in day-to-day operations.

Increased transparency and efficiency with mobile time recording

Employees can use the simple and intuitive ATOSS app on their smartphone or tablet to access important information and functions relating to working hours and mobile time recording — regardless of when and where they are deployed. When out and about – visiting customers or on a construction site, for instance it’s very simple for them to carry out time-stamping, record project times and assign these directly to cost centers. With a powerful software for mobile time recording, there’s no need for complex and error-prone manual processes involving time sheets and Excel. The data is automatically analyzed and transferred. Mobile time recording gives staff real-time access to important information such as working time balances – no matter where they are. This reduces the number of working time queries submitted to the HR department. Absences such as holidays or company trips can be directly and conveniently applied for from home via the system. Superiors can process applications right away. Mobile time recording also enables them to keep a sharp eye on key information such as team attendances and absences, so they can then take action quickly if necessary.

Mobile duty plans for agile companies

The app can also be used to view deployment and duty plans at any time and from any location. Superiors can change plans at short notice on their mobile devices and communicate them quickly. The ATOSS app has a comment function integrated directly in the workforce schedule. Important additional information and processing details are saved simply using the mobile time recording tool. This improves communication and the documentation of alterations such as workplace changes, special activities or replacements at short notice. Staff always have the very latest information at their fingertips and they’re more closely involved in working time processes. They can use the mobile time recording app to submit their own preferred working times or swap shifts proactively via the integrated shift exchange platform.

Benefits and effects of the ATOSS app in terms of mobile time recording:

  • Information is up to date and available online via smartphone
  • Working times recorded by causality and allocated to orders/projects
  • Group bookings for mobile work squads
  • Notify function for prompt reactions
  • Rapid relay of changes to plans at short notice
  • Productivity gains for employees and managers
  • More time for core tasks
  • Closer integration of employees into processes boosts motivation
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