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With ATOSS, you can optimize productivity, ensure compliance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our comprehensive solutions are specially designed for deskless employees, providing you with the tools you need for success.

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    Say hello to streamlined processes and more engaged staff 

    Empower your employees to clock in, submit paperless leave requests, specify service plan preferences, or swap shifts using ATOSS Staff Center. By giving employees control over their schedules, organizations have not only improved their operational processes but also fostered a more engaged and motivated deskless workforce. 

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    Empowering 15,000 clients in 50 countries worldwide 

      We understand the unique needs of managing a deskless workforce

      Our feature-rich software simplifies operations, engages employees, and maximizes productivity. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace a digital solution designed for deskless employees.

      Simplified scheduling and team management

      Easily create, assign, and manage schedules for your deskless employees. Swap shifts, handle leave requests, and communicate effortlessly. 

      Streamlined task and job allocation

      Efficiently assign tasks and jobs to your deskless staff. Define tasks, set priorities, and allocate based on location, skills, or availability.

      We wanted our deskless workers to become more involved in organizing their working time. This is precisely what our Staff Center workplaces have allowed us to do. We have reduced the amount of admin involved and – what is even more important for us – increased motivation on the shop floor.

      Dr. Oliver Krone-Franken
      Project Manager and Business Analyst, Terex-Fuchs

      Seamless communication and collaboration

      Stay connected with your deskless team, share updates, documents, and facilitate effortless collaboration. 

      Performance tracking

      Monitor and improve your deskless workforce's performance with a comprehensive analytical dashboard. Gain valuable metrics for resource allocation optimization and enhanced efficiency. 

      Compliance made easy

      Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. Provide integration support, skill development training, and safety training seamlessly.

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      Integrate deskless personnel into digital HR solutions

      Discover how you can enable your deskless workforce to benefit from modern digital HR solutions. For compelling reasons: employee retention, customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and compliance.

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      FAQ on deskless workforce

      • What are the best practices for managing a deskless workforce?

        Managing a deskless workforce effectively demands a distinct set of strategies, tailored to the unique nature of their roles. The cornerstone of this approach includes offering flexible scheduling options, which cater to the dynamic nature of their work. Equally important is the maintenance of open and regular communication, ensuring that every team member feels connected and informed, regardless of their physical location. Utilizing mobile-friendly management tools is also crucial, as it bridges the gap between traditional office settings and the fluidity of deskless environments. ATOSS stands out in this realm by providing comprehensive solutions specifically designed to meet these requirements, thereby ensuring that your deskless staff are not only well-managed but also feel integral to the team.

      • How can technology solutions improve the efficiency of deskless employees?

        In the modern work environment, technology is a game-changer, especially for deskless employees. By offering mobile-friendly platforms, solutions like ATOSS are revolutionizing how these employees engage with their tasks, schedules, and team communications. This digital approach streamlines processes, significantly reduces the manual workload, and ensures that employees have access to real-time updates. Such accessibility is crucial for deskless employees who need to stay informed and connected even when they are on the move. With these tools, efficiency isn't just a goal; it's a reality.

      • What software features are essential for supporting deskless workers?

        To effectively support deskless workers, software needs to be more than just functional; it needs to be intuitive and tailored to their specific needs. User-friendly mobile access is paramount, ensuring that employees can interact with the system regardless of their location. Real-time communication tools facilitate instant updates and feedback, keeping everyone in the loop. Flexible scheduling capabilities respect the dynamic nature of deskless work, allowing employees to balance their professional and personal lives better. Performance tracking analytics offer insights into productivity and areas for improvement. ATOSS excels in integrating these features, providing a seamless experience for deskless workers, enabling them to perform their duties with efficiency and ease.


      • How can employers motivate and engage deskless employees?

        The motivation and engagement of deskless employees hinge on recognizing and addressing their unique challenges. Providing flexible work options plays a significant role in this, as it shows respect for their work-life balance. Fostering a culture of appreciation is vital in making them feel valued and part of the larger organizational goals. Offering career development opportunities also contributes to their sense of growth and investment in their roles. ATOSS's Staff Center is a prime example of how giving employees control over their schedules can significantly enhance their engagement and motivation, fostering a more dynamic and committed workforce.

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      • What are the challenges in ensuring compliance for deskless workforces and how does ATOSS address these?

        Ensuring compliance in a deskless workforce setting is a complex task, given the diversity of regulations and the need for consistent training and safety standards across various locations. ATOSS addresses these challenges head-on. By offering features that support regulatory compliance, ATOSS ensures that organizations stay within legal parameters. The facilitation of skill development and the provision of safety training are seamlessly integrated, allowing organizations to maintain high compliance standards effortlessly. This comprehensive approach ensures that, despite the dispersed nature of the workforce, standards are upheld uniformly, contributing to a safer and more regulated working environment.