ATOSS Medical Solution: duty scheduling aligned to the treatment process

Our formula to beat rising costs in the health care sector

Specialists are in short supply – especially in the health care sector. The situation is becoming increasingly drastic in view of demographic developments: private and public facilities are more dependent on the efficient deployment of scarce human resources than ever before. Our ATOSS Medical Solution duty scheduling software helps organizations of all sizes make working hours flexible and gear them consistently towards the treatment process. The added value is measurable: enhanced care quality, more individual care, reduced costs and fairer working times – patients, staff and companies all stand to benefit.

Complex workforce scheduling the easy way

Modern workforce management supports the planning and implementation of sustainable working time concepts, because changing workforce structures require new approaches and frameworks: medically necessary processes have to be supervised by staff with the relevant qualifications – on a functionally effective, interdisciplinary basis. This raises the complexity of duty scheduling. Only dynamic, demand-driven and highly flexible workforce scheduling can ensure cost efficiency and competitiveness in the long term. The ATOSS Medical Solution uses all the room for maneuver that is available in terms of statutory requirements, pay scales and operational factors so as to manage working times to the benefit of patients, staff and companies. Flexible working time models, personal scheduling preferences and a staff portal for swapping shifts directly in the duty schedule give employees a greater sense of responsibility and motivation, as well as enhancing work-life balance. The software also provides optimum support for the introduction of an in-house health management system.


Best of Medical


For the benefit of patients, employees and businesses.

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Multi-dimensional duty scheduling

The ATOSS Medical Solution offers a Flexible Staffing Schedule module enabling doctors and nursing staff to be scheduled directly according to configurable dimensions such as workplaces, shifts and special duties. The employee and staffing view provides the necessary scheduling information at the press of a button, so it’s a single step for planners to switch from shift staffing to the standby duties of the employee group displayed. This means that fast, transparent staffing of special and functional duties is just a click away.

Time and attendance management with a bright future

The modular ATOSS Medical Solution was developed especially for workforce scheduling in the health care and social sector, and integrates the functions of time management and workforce scheduling. It offers unlimited scalability and grows with the demands made of it. The portfolio can be further extended by adding numerous supplementary modules ranging from time recording, access control and qualification management through to mobile apps and self-services as well as strategic capacity and demand planning. The ATOSS Medical Solution offers outstanding functionality, intuitive user guidance and state of the art technology. Platform-independent, the solution dovetails seamlessly with existing system infrastructures. Our customers benefit from low integration costs, superior performance and free choice of time recording equipment, databases and operating systems – in other words, long-term investment security. Open, flexibly adaptable interfaces allow the ATOSS Medical Solution to be quickly linked to downstream and upstream components such as systems for therapy, surgery planning or payroll accounting. This guarantees long-term investment security. The solution is available on-premises and in the cloud.


Benefits and effects

  • Online access to up to the minute data
  • Substantial reduction in administrative input
  • Fast, simple duty scheduling
  • Cost optimization thanks to more efficient use of working time
  • Working time organized according to statutory and pay scale requirements
  • Greater working time model flexibility secures patient care
  • Demand-driven, cross-functional duty scheduling
  • Enhanced planning quality due to automated, rule-based schedule proposals
  • Increased staff satisfaction thanks to scheduling preferences and exchange systems
  • Performance indicators for management purposes
  • Transparency at all decision-making levels

Would you like additional functions for your workforce scheduling? A wide range of supplementary modules is available for the ATOSS Medical Solution – after all, at ATOSS, individual options come as standard.

A comprehensive set of modules

  • Task Management
  • Automatic Duty Plan
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Cost Center Management
  • Employee Exchange System
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Project Time Recording
  • Further Training Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Time Recording: Workplace, Telephone, Terminal
  • Access control
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