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Working time recording Mobile, flexible and efficient

An efficient IT-supported system to record working time has benefits for employers and employees – irrespective of whether the enterprise concerned is an SME or a major corporation. And following the European Court of Justice (CJEU) judgment on obligatory working time recording, it will be important for companies in all sectors and of all sizes to take an in-depth look at this issue. The ATOSS solution for online time recording has clear benefits to offer as compared to manual systems that use a time stamp clock, time sheet or Excel: it provides the perfect option for today’s mobile world of work since it’s clearly structured and intuitive to use. With a professional time recording system, you have all the relevant data and analyses at your fingertips all the time. That means you’re always in full control!

Good reasons for online time recording

Project time recording on a systematic basis: online time recording enables easy allocation of times to projects, thereby minimizing errors in the recording of working times. And there’s no need for laborious corrections or referring queries back to the personnel department – because time assessment is carried out automatically. All data is transferred directly to the wage and salary system after online time recording. This accelerates HR processes and eliminates the need for onerous routine work. Your company will actually save time for value-adding activities. The ATOSS time recording software is suitable for any sector – whether retail, service, production, logistics or healthcare.

Companies managing their time recording online in real time benefit from a concise overview of working time balances, absences, flexible working times and allowances – any time, any place.

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Online time recording – for well-informed and motivated staff

Working times, holidays, flextime and other absences: ATOSS online time recording gives your staff a permanent overview of all information. Your employees can record their working hours and apply for vacation via workflow on their PC. The tool can even automatically show you the status of your holiday or comp time application – available for viewing at any time. Overtime and additional work can be seamlessly registered and documented in legally watertight form using the time recording software. ATOSS online time recording thus creates transparency, as well as increasing job satisfaction among staff.

Recording working times via app

The ATOSS time recording tool is also available as an app that runs on smartphones and tablets. This is practical for both employers and staff who are out and about a lot of the time. Field staff can manage their working times from anywhere and at any time on a mobile basis, entering vacations, flextimes, absences and cost center changes in the time recording system online. This does away with a lot of manual work, making life much simpler for your HR department. Thanks to online time recording, there is also a reduction in potential queries and errors. Your company benefits from a more efficient system of time and attendance management.

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