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Self services for employees and managers

Employee portals have now become a fixture in companies as a strategic tool for optimizing internal communication. They form an essential coordination and information hub, enabling the workforce to be more closely involved in the processes and substance of their work. This also applies to the subject of working time which has a demonstrably high impact on employees' overall morale.

ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service is the optimal extension for an employee portal or intranet as it bolts on the subjects of time and attendance management and workforce scheduling. Employees and managers are actively involved in time management processes through an intuitive web interface. Employees can record and manage their own time data, apply for absences, call up their working time balances and duty schedules but also enter their working time preferences, form car pools and swap shifts with their fellow workers. Supervisors can easily approve absences or forgotten entries, quickly produce individual reports or view duty schedules. And they can keep a permanent eye on their employees' current balances. That means more personal responsibility, greater transparency and more efficient processes for employees and managers. A Self Service solution takes the strain off the Human Resources department while at the same time creating scope for other projects and tasks.

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Routine processes performed efficiently

The departmental calendar in ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Service, for example, provides active support when applying for and approving holidays. It shows the scheduled or actual absences in a department or other organizational unit. The supervisor can quickly appraise the situation and process applications immediately. Employees, too, benefit from the workflows: overlapping applications in any one period are highlighted at the application stage. This improves clarity and reduces the error rate. Entering individual working preferences through the employee portal is highly convenient. This creates the best conditions for more self-determination and fairness at the workplace, a healthy work-life balance and greater motivation — an important factor in times when skilled staff are increasingly scarce.

Benefits and Effects

  • Human Resources department relieved of routine activities
  • Basic processes accelerated and simplified
  • Lower printing, paper and archiving costs
  • No media gaps when applying for absences, posting times, correcting balances, recording preferences and processing shift swaps
  • Greater motivation and personal responsibility for employees
  • Higher planning security and fairness
  • Support for work-life balance concepts
  • Greater transparency and service quality for employees and managers
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