Manage working time efficiently with digital time management


What are the demands make on a working time management system?

How does ATOSS implement these demands and requirements?

What are the benefits and effects of a working time management system?

mastering the challenges of today’s labor markets with digital solutions

The constantly shifting labor markets and a steady flow of reforms favoring employees are forcing companies to rethink their strategies. To remain competitive in increasingly globalized markets, all resources must be used to optimum effect. The scarce resource of manpower, in particular, requires fundamental rethinking. It is becoming more and more important for modern time and attendance management to perceive employees as individuals with their own needs and specific working time requirements, and to deploy them accordingly — economically and optimized to fit the process.

Workforce forecasting

Determining how many employees are required
With which qualifications?

Personnel structure optimization

Match personnel requirement and structure in the long-term


Capacity planning

Aligning personnel demand and personnel capacity over the medium-term


Workforce scheduling

Operationally aligning personnel demand and personnel capacity in a sales, service, cost-optimized as well as employee-oriented manner


Managing and steering personnel

Optimal response to short-term changes

current day

Time and attendance management

Recording and evaluating working time

Working hours flexibilization

Demands made of time management

  • Retroactively applicable and multi-variant capability
  • Payment terms taken into account
  • Automatic warning if rules are breached
  • Reporting tools and dialogs flexibly designed
  • Benefit-based authorization system
  • Working times evaluated in compliance with company agreements, collective agreements and legislation.
  • Data automatically transmitted to payroll


Comprehensive functionality, innovative technology

ATOSS offers a comprehensive software portfolio ranging from time recording, access control, time management and self services through workforce forecasting and human resource planning to long-term capacity planning. We have the right solution for any challenge and any company size. We support companies in responding to market requirements quickly and cost-effectively and putting working time flexibilization concepts into practice.

The active inclusion of employees in time management promotes personal responsibility and fosters motivation, resulting in turn in better performance and service quality. As a specialist in modern workforce management, ATOSS has developed various modules for the employee-oriented organization of working time. They include, for example, an Employee & Manager Self Service as the ideal extension of an employee portal devoted to time and attendance management or apps for mobile workforce management. Functions such as preferred duty planning or shift exchange platforms contribute to a better work-life balance.


Benefits and Effects of digital time management

  • Master data administered
  • Times recorded independently of time, place or device
  • Time management with intuitive, userfriendly interface
  • Times evaluated for payroll accounting
  • Compliance with legislation and rules
  • Analysis and controlling with individual reports

Workforce management mastering each and every challenge

Our solutions are suited to companies of all sizes, across all sectors. Ranging from legally compliant time recording and classic time management to intuitive self-service solutions, mobile apps, demand-driven workforce scheduling and strategic capacity planning, we offer ideal solutions customized to every conceivable demand scenario – whether for start-ups, SMEs or large-scale enterprises, in the cloud or on premises. Benefit from professional workforce management – precisely tailored to your needs.


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