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Highly efficient and always up the minute

Whether on the go, in the office, at the construction site or visiting a customer: ATOSS time recording is your tool to meet all the demands of modern working time recording – any time, any place. Correct recording of working times is crucial for precise payroll accounting – and not just since the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG). Our software solution records times and activities on site – whether via phone, smartphone app, laptop, Internet, POS system or automatically when the door opens. You will benefit from efficiency gains and less administrative input for time recording.

ATOSS time recording: greater transparency, less maintenance

Whether flexible working times or tougher competition: our time recording software provides comprehensive transparency and lays a solid foundation for efficient working time management. The solution provides an up-to-the-minute analysis of all data recorded, relays it to the wage and salary system and can process the data to generate highly informative analyses and reports. You always have an overview of working time balances, absences, overtime and allowances due – a sound basis for decision making while requiring less data maintenance at the same time.

Working time recording for satisfied staff

ATOSS time recording enables staff to do their own time stamping, view working time balances and access their overtime, flextime and holiday account. The solution can also be run online or on a mobile basis via app. Your staff have all the details at a glance and are informed of potential allowances at all times – no matter what end device they may be using. A professional time recording system and fairer planning make for satisfied staff.

Benefits and effects

  • Maximum transparency thanks to online updates
  • Statutory regulations are guaranteed, e.g. maximum working times and rest periods
  • Automation means less administrative work
  • Reduction of error sources
  • Fairer scheduling raises staff satisfaction
  • Sound management information
  • Future-proof thanks to state of the art technology
  • Working time recording for all sectors and all companies
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