Working time recording without limits

Recording working hours: efficient and always up-to-date

Whether out and about, in the office, at the construction site or visiting a customer: the ATOSS time recording module is your tool to meet all the demands of modern working time recording – everywhere and at all times. According to a judgment handed down by the European Court of Justice (CJEU), it will in future not merely be necessary but obligatory for business undertakings within the EU to record hours worked. But rather than create unnecessary bureaucracy, efficient working time recording when integrated into a holistic workforce management system provides a sound basis for all processes surrounding the hours worked by your employees. At the same time, it also provides the secure basis for the precise staff payroll accounting. We provide you with a time recording software that records times and activities on site – whether via phone, smartphone or tablet app, laptop, Internet, POS system, terminal or automatically when the door opens. For you as an employer, this software solution means greater efficiency and less administrative effort to be invested in time recording and time analysis.

ATOSS time recording: more transparency, less upkeep

Whether flexible working times or tougher competition: our time recording software provides comprehensive transparency, laying a solid foundation for high-performance working time management. It provides up-to-the-minute assessments all data recorded, passes it on electronically to the wage and salary system for correct payroll accounting and uses this automatically to generate highly informative analyses and reports. You have a constant overview of working time balances, absences, overtime and any allowances due. Individual holidays and unscheduled breaks are also incorporated in payroll accounting. The analyses provide a sound basis for decisions, while reducing the burden of routine work since administrative effort is measurably diminished. If necessary, all the data can be exported very simply.

Working time recording for more satisfied staff

ATOSS time recording allows your employees to do their own time stamping. Self service functions enable staff to check their working time balances, catch up on bookings and submit applications for absences. Working time recording can also be done online and via app for mobile use. A professional time recording system and increased transparency in relation to working times increases job satisfaction among staff.

Benefits and effects of ATOSS working time recording:

  • Maximum transparency of working hours due to online updates
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Statutory regulations are reliably adhered to, e.g. maximum working times and rest periods
  • Automation means less administrative work
  • Reduction of error sources when recording and analyzing data
  • Increased staff satisfaction due to the fact that working times are more transparent
  • Sound information for management
  • Future security thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Working time recording for all sectors and all companies


Access control for enhanced security

In combination with time recording, ATOSS access control can also be used to provide effective protection for specific company facilities and expertise from unauthorized access. As a supplement to time recording, an extensive authorization system regulates precisely who is given access when and where. It is always possible to see where particularly individuals are at any given time, with highly sensitive areas automatically protected from unauthorized access. Since it is integrated in the time and attendance management system, staff master data is already available so there is no need for duplication.

Benefits and effects of time and attendance management:

  • Automatic recording, calculation and analysis of working times and absences
  • Automated supplement calculations and transfer to wage and salary accounting
  • Management of long-term and short-term accounts based on freely definable rules
  • Automatic monitoring of statutory, payscale-related and operational regulations
  • Basis for innovative working time concepts
  • Increased transparency for management and staff alike
  • Improved controlling
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