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Highlights at a glance

  • Uniform time management and duty planning for all professional groups throughout the clinic
  • Companywide consolidation of the system landscape
  • Workforce in excess of 60,000 employees
  • Major project with around 400 clients
  • Patient- and employee-oriented workforce management

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Everybody should benefit from good, affordable medical care. This is the mission that Helios has set itself in Germany with 86 acute care hospitals, 120 medical centers, ten prevention centers and around 100 service companies. More than 66,000 members of staff dedicate themselves to ensuring that 5.2 million patients a year regain their health or stay healthy. As part of the Fresenius Group, Germany’s largest private hospital operator is now bringing its personnel processes up to speed for the future. Powered by digital Workforce Management from ATOSS. The aim of this ambitious project is to consolidate all its working time management systems and establish uniform duty scheduling with the highest degree of functionality, a standard payroll system and a consistent reporting tool across all clinics. Every professional group – doctors, medical-technical service professionals, staff active in functional services, nursing and administration – will be integrated into the ATOSS Medical Solution. At the same time, thanks to self services, employees will be more closely involved in HR processes.

Our workforce management system is geared to ensuring even better patient care throughout all our facilities – in addition to a stronger emphasis on employee needs in the planning process.

Frank Kleemann
Head of Business Applications

A core team consisting of 35 managers and users from different clinics in the network drew up a comprehensive analysis of requirements and a detailed implementation concept together with our consultants. Based on the 80:20 principle – 80 percent defined standard and 20 percent leeway for customizing – a master client was set up to ensure a rollout in time and budget in all facilities. The plan envisages three to six months for implementation depending on the hospital size. This large-scale project is to be completed by the end of 2023. At that point in time, the Helios clinics will be accessing the ATOSS Medical Solution through around 400 clients. The pilot project at a maximum care facility in Wiesbaden has been completed successfully. Implementation is currently ongoing at three additional clinics, while the next two are already short-listed. Our experts are currently still supporting the facilities in the implementation process. Meanwhile, however, seven employees of Central IT Services are being trained to continue the rollout mainly on their own, together with key users from individual clinics. Up to 30 clinics a year will then be incorporated into the ATOSS solution. On completion, the transformation will result in sustainable workforce management, duty scheduling based on employees’ and patients’ needs as well as company-wide transparency.

Source: ATOSS CUSTOMER HELIOS / Annual Report 2018

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