Planning the route ahead – DB Netz AG

Highlights at a glance

  • Digital workforce management for 14,000 employees
  • Annual workforce scheduling for smooth 24/7 control of 2,800 signal boxes 
  • Strategic capacity planning harmonizing staff capacity and staffing requirements
  • Professional qualifications management
  • Self services for 300 personnel planners 

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DB Netz AG is responsible for almost 33,400 kilometers of track. The infrastructure company belonging to Deutsche Bahn is in charge of ensuring that 40,000 passenger and freight trains reach their destination safely and smoothly every day. The roughly 2,800 mechanical, electromechanical and digital signal boxes form the centerpiece of its railway operations. This is where the signal box staff specify the intervals at which trains are allowed to enter each section of the track. To accomplish this task, they work around the clock. DB Netze relies on ATOSS Workforce Management for some 14,000 staff to guarantee that the network runs smoothly with optimum staffing levels. Besides the integration of professional qualifications management, the focus is on maintaining high planning quality – both operationally and strategically. DB Netze therefore opted for rule-based scheduling with the Automatic Duty Plan. Annual workforce scheduling as preview helps to make sure that the signal boxes are adequately staffed around the clock. Strategic Capacity Planning provides the transparency needed to bring personnel capacity into line with personnel requirements for the long term. Planners also benefit from ATOSS Task Management. Push notifications, for example, issue warnings in case of defined events such as insufficient qualifications, breaches of working time and collective agreement rules or imminent understaffing. Around 300 workforce scheduling planners in Administration are now looking forward to the new Staff Center. With efficient workflows and an intuitive user interface, the self service solution facilitates smooth navigation through HR processes. In this way, DB Netze is mapping out the route for a sustainable, future-proof working environment.

ATOSS Workforce Management has been helping to make personnel deployment more efficient at Deutsche Bahn AG for more than 25 years. Today, more than 120,000 employees are scheduled and managed by means of our Enterprise Solution in roughly 60 group companies including DB Schenker, DB Station&Service, DB Gastronomie and DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung. And the numbers are steadily increasing.

Source: ATOSS Customer DB Netz AG | ATOSS Annual Report 2018