Managing complexity – Duisport

Highlights at a glance

  • Fluid supply chain thanks to cloud-based workforce management
  • Downtimes are not an option!
  • Precise scheduling of qualified personnel in the handling facilities
  • Mapping of the highly complex collective and company agreements 
  • Company-wide consistency and cost transparency 
  • Real-time access to absences, balances and shift plans 

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The Port of Duisburg is more than just a port: As a trimodal logistics hub, duisport offers the ideal conditions for creating the most efficient, resource-friendly and cost-effective transport chains possible by connecting waterways, rail and road. Handling over four million kEUR per year, the full-service provider is the world’s largest inland container hub. Whether in short sea or inland water vessel, a wide range of handling equipment ensures smooth, seamless loading, unloading and onward transportation along the multimodal transport chain. In the future, cloud-based workforce management will guarantee that personnel are deployed as needed. After all, the effective interaction between highly skilled staff and cutting-edge technology is a critical success factor, particularly in a port setting. Gantry crane and straddle carrier drivers, lashers and signalers always have to be in the right place at the right time in order to guarantee a seamless supply chain. Every missing or expired qualification can bring a container crane to a standstill and cause huge costs. To prevent such scenarios, the ATOSS Logistics Solution is in place, managing time and attendance and the duty schedule for the 1,500 staff.

In port operations, deploying staff efficiently and flexibly is a crucial success factor. With our new workforce management solution, we’re getting our HR processes fit for the future.

Jost Hock
Senior Project Manager

The schedule includes relevant factors such as legislation, absences, individual requirements, working time balances and qualifications. The highly complex collective and company agreements applicable in the port setting are also integrated automatically into planning and scheduling. All staff are involved in working time management processes via the Staff Center, where they can request time off and view their working time balances and duty schedules in real time whenever they like. When they clock in, their working time is directly allocated to cost centers and transferred to working time management for assessment, creating consistency and cost transparency across all port sites. Taking on challenges, achieving goals, shaping the future – this is duisport’s mission statement. Thanks to digital workforce management, the world’s largest inland port is ideally positioned to meet any challenge involving the organization of working time.

Source: ATOSS Customer Duisport | ATOSS Annual Report 2020