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Highlights at a glance

  • Demand-optimized workforce scheduling factoring in legislation, tariffs, qualifications and working time regulations
  • Efficient management of temporary workers
  • Complex access system with individual authorizations

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Air and sea freight, overland transport, contract logistics and customs handling: the global logistics service provider ITG provides a one-stop shop for the entire gamut of logistics services. The company, headquartered at Munich airport, also commands special expertise in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, merchandising and luxury goods. Around 1,100 employees in twelve of the companies’ own offices and seven logistics centers in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA as well as Russia face up to the particular challenges this sector presents on a daily basis. At ITG, short lead times, a high degree of flexibility and individual service are bread and butter. Such capabilities require an agile organization and efficient workforce management. 

ITG has opted for ATOSS Time Control for its offices and logistic centers in Germany. Employees record their working times digitally. The solution also handles holiday and absences planning with defined approval workflows. Time data are automatically transferred to the DATEV payroll accounting system via a fully tested interface. Logistic center employees are planned according to demand by way of ATOSS Workforce Scheduling, taking full account of statutory regulations, collective agreements, qualifications and working time rules. The solution even manages the working times of temporary staff. This enables detailed tracking and reduces lump sum claims. A complex access system with around 50 PCS terminals on doors, barriers and underground garage entrances controls individual authorizations, guaranteeing the necessary security levels. The difference counts – and at ITG that applies to workforce management, too.

Source: ATOSS Customer ITG Internationale Spedition + Logistik | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

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