Employees just-in-time – Planzer

Highlights at a glance

  • Workforce management for over 5,000 employees
  • Digital recording of working hours and leave requests
  • Shift planning just-in-time at the logistics centers
  • Central evaluations and analyses for management
  • Planning and accounting of 500 temporary workers

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With 1,900 vehicles and 1,040,000 square meters of warehouse space, Planzer is a leading family-owned logistics service provider based in Switzerland. Its 5,300 staff at 59 Swiss and nine international sites supply high-quality transport and warehousing logistics services – plus, for just over a year now, they are handling parcel delivery too. The family-run company has relied on the ATOSS Logistics Solution for its workforce management for several years. Back when it was introduced, the main aim was to successfully replace the existing working time management software, which a growing headcount had pushed to the limits of its capabilities, and to bring in software-based workforce scheduling further down the line. The decentralized nature of Planzer’s profit center structure posed various challenges, all of which were easily overcome thanks to the flexibility of the ATOSS software. As well as recording working time, the system allows office and logistics center employees to request absences electronically. The ATOSS solution is also used to plan staff deployment in the major logistics centers while taking laws, collective agreements and individual qualifications into account. Both working time management data and calculated provisions are transmitted automatically to SAP’s payroll module via standardized interfaces, whereas absences are sent to a third-party system for sickness allowances to be calculated – again automatically. The management can also access all working time information centrally in order to run evaluations and analyses. In addition, the solution helps the company plan and calculate the costs for some 500 temporary employees under staff leasing arrangements, thereby creating the extra flexibility required in the fast-moving logistics market without generating too much admin. Planzer’s German sites have now moved over to digital workforce management too. But the company has no plans to stop there: Next on the agenda is the introduction of the intuitive Staff Center, which will give staff an even handier way to manage their working times and absences. And it goes without saying that our solution speaks all of Switzerland’s national languages! As required, managers are additionally equipped with the ATOSS App – for time and attendance management any time and anywhere in the world. The result in a nutshell is even more efficiency, transparency and satisfaction at all levels.

Source: ATOSS Customer Planzer | Annual Report 2019