Global logistics – Rhenus Alpina-Group

Highlights at a glance

  • Digital workforce management for over 2,000 employees
  • Managing strong fluctuations in capacity utilization 
  • Rule-based workforce deployment at the push of a button, factoring in special shift sequences 
  • Mobile working time management via smartphone and self services 

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The Rhenus Alpina-Group is one of the largest providers of logistics services in Switzerland. The company belongs to the Rhenus Group which is represented globally with more than 28,000 employees at 580 locations. The Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics and Public Transport Divisions stand for the management of complex supply chains and for innovative value added services. In Switzerland, the company relies on the ATOSS Logistic Solution for its 1,350 employees. All employees are integrated into working time management processes, and they can use self services to access their working time data – also on the go via smartphones. The 60 industrial employees at the Port Logistics Division are efficiently and cost-effectively scheduled by means of the ATOSS solution, ensuring that statutory requirements and complex working time agreements are adhered to. Cargologic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rhenus Alpina, has also opted for integrated workforce management based on ATOSS solutions. The company has a workforce of 700 employees and ranks as the leading provider of cargo handling services in Switzerland, with more than 70 airlines and forwarders on the customer roster. The company relies on deployment planning tailored to requirements with optimized costs, thereby enabling even faster response to fluctuating order situations at its four Swiss locations and airports. Working times are digitally recorded via terminals, smartphones or at the workstation, and are immediately available to planners in real time. Automatic Duty Plan takes special shift sequences and mandatory qualifications into account, as well as statutory regulations and highly complex working time rules, generating a rule-based duty plan at the touch of a button. The next step for the air freight logistics company will be to introduce workforce forecasting and annual planning. The intention is to optimize operational and strategic human resource planning on a sustainable basis – a logical step on the course to Logistics 4.0.

Source: ATOSS Customer Rhenus Alpina-Gruppe | ATOSS Annual Report 2017

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