A shopping world like no other  – Breuninger

Highlights at a glance

  • Focus on employee and customer satisfaction
  • Exact determination of demand following customer frequencies
  • High forecast and planning quality for top service levels

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As a fashion and lifestyle company, Breuninger sets high standards in products, service and customer care. Europe’s second largest department store in private ownership offers its customers an exclusive diversity of brands with almost 1,000 labels – from extravagant to trendy and on to timeless. A total of 5,500 dedicated staff front of house and backstage are on hand to pamper customers and create a perfect shopping experience. The aim is for customers to experience every visit to one of the eleven outlets or their online shopping as something very special. And customers taking a break from shopping at exclusive restaurants and patisseries will also savor the experience. Uncompromising focus on employees and customers are key success factors of this award winning retail company. Thanks to the ATOSS Retail Solution – docking seamlessly onto the SAP time & attendance system – Breuninger is mastering the difficult balancing act between employee satisfaction and service quality – without costs going through the roof. The solution is in real-time operation at the two flagship stores in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, as well as the Ludwigsburg, Sindelfingen, Nürnberg, Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Reutlingen branches. And it is currently being implemented at the Leipzig, Frankfurt and Erfurt locations. Around 3,200 sales and checkout staff are scheduled and managed by 220 planners on a demand-driven basis. Workforce Forecasting and Automatic Duty Plan provide excellent forecasting and planning quality, ensuring premium service to match footfall. Because employees are on the sales floor at the precise times when they are needed. Customers and employees benefit alike. Premium is the word – also in workforce management.

Source: ATOSS Customer Breuninger – A joint project between ATOSS and KWP INSIDE HR | Annual Report 2017

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