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  • Workforce scheduling for high service and consulting quality
  • Time and attendance management of event technicians via mobile app
  • Sound information for management 

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Excellence in music and entrepreneurship – this is the motto of session, an ever-growing retail and service company, which started out as a musicians’ hangout back in the wild 1970s. Employing approx. 250 people, the company now runs two large stores in Frankfurt and Walldorf as well as a modern web shop for musical instruments and equipment. Session pro offers professional event support for events of all sizes, both in Germany and abroad – including equipment, conceptual design and implementation.

The company’s Walldorf headquarters with its unique shopping experience for musicians and music lovers alike sets new standards and offers a retail store, specialized workshops, an electric guitar custom shop, the “Effektarium” guitar effects collection, the saxophone pro shop and harry’s, a restaurant in addition to a workshop and concert venue. Moreover, there is a central warehouse and logistics center located in Frankfurt, spreading out over a floor space of 9,000 m2. Still, when it comes to service, logistics and technology, great sound is just as important as focusing on customers and optimizing personnel costs.

ATOSS Time Control deploys employees to ensure high quality of service and advice at all times. Event technician working times are managed using the ATOSS app. All information is available to company management in real time. As Florian Kammer, Head of Human Resources, explains: “Here at session, firstrate service is a must. This is what customers expect from a high-class specialized store like ours.” We bring this mission statement to life. Here at session and at more than 4,500 companies of all sectors and sizes worldwide.

Source: ATOSS Customer Session | Annual Report 2014

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