Flexibility is key – Deutsche Telekom

Highlights at a glance

  • Digital workforce management for around 5,000 employees
  • Planning of 500 shops in line with customer frequencies, partly in half-hour intervals
  • High flexibility due to cross-branch stand-in staff model and flexi-level concept. 
  • Integration of all shop employees via self services and mobile app
  • Superior shopping experience as a clear goal

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Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies and present in over 50 countries with a workforce of nearly 230,000 employees. Customer centricity and outstanding services are part of the company’s philosophy, particularly when it comes to its private customer business in Germany. Deutsche Telekom has a clear mission, when it comes to its own shops: to offer the best brand and shopping experience on the German telecommunications market. The company which as been our customer since 2004, is therefore expanding the digital workforce management solution in the existing 500 Telekom stores. 4,500 permanent employees and 500 temps are planned and scheduled based on footfall levels, partly in 30-minute intervals. Additional demand drivers will be integrated to optimize planning even further in the near future. Laws, collective agreements, qualifications, complex company agreements and different working time regulations are automatically incorporated into the planning and scheduling. This ensures that workforce schedules comply with rules and legislation. The service provider is eager to inject even greater flexibility and efficiency into its HR operations – from small outlets to the major flagship stores.

Outstanding shopping experiences for our customers and an attractive working environment for our staff – digital workforce management supports both strategic objectives.

Oliver Gerz
Head of Retail Solutions, Deutsche Telekom Private Customer Sales

In the medium term, up to 50 percent of staff are to be deployed on a cross-store basis following a multi-level model. Depending on the chosen level of flexibility, the employees can be scheduled to work near their home store, within an extended radius or in several stores on the same day. None of this presents a problem for our Enterprise Solution, which also factors in the necessary commute when planning and scheduling. Getting all shop staff more closely involved in organizing their working time is also on the management’s agenda. Consequently, our Staff Center and mobile app are currently being introduced across all stores. The pilot project – involving 60 shops and around 500 staff – has been wrapped up, with all stakeholders impressed by the state-of-the-art solution. The rollout to the remaining stores is under way. Soon, all members of staff will be able to set their preferred working times, preferential shifts and any special deployment via digital workflows – intuitively at the touch of a button. The app keeps them up-to-date about any changes in the schedule. The next project, focusing on customer and staff satisfaction is already underway: medium- and long-term capacity planning. This is workforce management at its best.

Source: ATOSS Customer Deutsche Telekom | ATOSS Annual Report 2020

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