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Our staff scheduling software serves as a crucial tool for enhancing efficiency, boosting employee satisfaction, and driving the success of your business.

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What is staff scheduling?

ATOSS staff scheduling goes far beyond the mere concept of scheduling software. It is a comprehensive solution designed to address the complex needs of modern human resources (HR) management. It offers a holistic approach to scheduling, attendance management, and human resource optimization, perfectly tailored to today's challenges.

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With a client base exceeding 15,000 businesses worldwide, ATOSS is an undisputed leader in the field

    Why choose ATOSS? 

    ATOSS staff scheduling is the preferred solution for many successful businesses around the world. It can be customized to fit your company's size and complexity. By choosing ATOSS, you invest in smarter HR management, a more satisfied workforce, and improved financial performance. 

    Staff calculation

    By analyzing real-time data, ATOSS staff scheduling helps you accurately determine the exact staffing levels required at any time of day, week, or year. Say goodbye to costly overstaffing or detrimental understaffing.

    Increased flexibility

    ATOSS staff scheduling streamlines managing leave requests, last-minute changes, and replacements. It continuously adjusts to your company's changing needs. 

    Cost reduction

    By minimizing scheduling errors and maximizing workforce utilization, you can significantly reduce personnel-related costs while maintaining high productivity levels.

    Legal compliance

    Labor regulations are constantly evolving. ATOSS ensures that your scheduling always complies with local laws and union agreements, reducing legal risks.

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    More than just software

    ATOSS staff scheduling extends beyond mere software; it is a true business strategy that can transform how you manage your team, allowing your company to thrive in an ever-changing professional world. Discover today how our scheduling software can benefit your business.

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    FAQ on ATOSS staff and employee scheduling software

    • What is ATOSS staff and employee scheduling software?

      ATOSS staff and employee scheduling software is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize workforce management and scheduling. It utilizes advanced algorithms and data analytics to facilitate efficient scheduling, ensuring that the right employees are assigned to the right tasks at the right times. This software caters to various business sizes and sectors, offering features like real-time scheduling, absence management, and compliance tracking.

    • How does ATOSS Software improve workforce efficiency?

      ATOSS Software improves workforce efficiency by automating the scheduling process, reducing manual errors, and saving time. It takes into account employee availability, qualifications, and labor laws to create optimal schedules. This leads to better workforce utilization, reduced overtime costs, and enhanced employee satisfaction. Additionally, its forecasting tools help predict staffing needs, enabling proactive adjustments to the workforce. 

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    • Can ATOSS handle scheduling for a diverse and multi-location workforce?

      Yes, ATOSS is well-equipped to manage scheduling for a diverse and multi-location workforce. It accommodates different time zones, local labor laws, and varying shift patterns. The software provides a unified platform for managing employees across multiple locations, ensuring consistency and compliance. It also offers mobile access, allowing managers and employees to handle scheduling remotely.

    • Is ATOSS software customizable to specific business needs?

      Yes, ATOSS software is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of different businesses. It offers various modules and settings that can be tailored to suit unique industry requirements, company sizes, and workforce structures. The software also integrates with other HR and ERP systems, providing a seamless experience. ATOSS offers consultation and support to help businesses configure the system to their specific operational needs.