Shift planning the smart way

Make the most of an optimum duty plan

Shift planners in manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge of responding appropriately to the flexibilization of working hours and fluctuating market cycles as well as the need to increasingly factor in employee preferences. This has to be reflected in shift schedules. At the same time, workforce costs and employee productivity are always stringently scrutinized, too.

Is IT-based shift planning an option for your company?

  • Is flexible personnel deployment relevant to your company?
  • Do you still do your planning manually but are now starting to consider a software solution?
  • Are you able to take legal requirements, payscales, qualifications and working time preferences into account in your planning?
  • Do you know how to respond to shifting market situations in a cost-optimized manner – now and in the future?
  • Do you want to actively involve your employees in the organization of working time in future?
  • As an SAP user, would you like to expand your system to include professional, integrated shift planning?

If this is the case, you are best advised to familiarize yourself with professional shift planning software and consider the potential this type of planning tool can tap into in your company – without further delay. ATOSS Workforce Management gives you a wide range of functions in the area of shift planning that allow you to manage your workforce on a demand-driven basis while at the same time increasing job satisfaction among your staff. 



Flexible shift planning in manufacturing

ATOSS Case Study Ritter Sport (pdf, 612 KB)

IT-supported shift planning – your added value

Across all sectors, personnel planning aims to deploy staff as effectively as possible based on the actual demand situation. Without the support of the appropriate software, optimum shift planning is extremely difficult, especially when faced with the demands of responding flexibly and rapidly to current events such as order fluctuations, sick leaves or violations of rest times. Functions such as automatic duty planning make planning and scheduling even simpler, as well as significantly increasing the quality of planning.

Shift planning using a pen and paper or spreadsheet calculations is simply not up to the challenges of modern operations management and Industry 4.0. Instead, shift planners and HR managers can take care of duty scheduling online with a few clicks, generating a rule-based shift schedule as a proposal.

With professional, IT-supported planning, staff preferences and needs are not lost either – on the contrary: part-time staff, temporary assistants, full-time employees and other employee statuses with individual time allocations can easily be incorporated in the shift schedule. With ATOSS self services, staff consistently benefit from transparent working time management processes. They are actively integrated in shift planning – also via app and smartphone. In addition, an exchange platform can be used that allows staff to conveniently swap shifts with each other or state working time preferences. Statutory, payscale-related and operational requirements are always observed. Warning systems proactively indicate any infringements. As a result, working times and shifts can be perfectly scheduled – to the full satisfaction of employees. After all, flexible staff deployment is not a one way street. 

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