Satisfied customers, motivated employees

Online, offline or hotline: Deerberg aims to turn every touchpoint into a positive experience for the customer – in the online shop, in dispatch logistics or in one of the four outlets. »The customer is king« is the motto lived by some 500 employees of the mail-order company based in northern Germany. For Deerberg, that means high-quality clothing and shoes from sustainable production, as well as high service levels, not to mention motivated and committed employees thanks to a people- and family-friendly corporate policy. The company also pursues a holistic strategy when it comes to workforce management and relies on ATOSS Solutions.

The working times in all areas are tailored to actual personnel demand. Naturally, Deerberg also includes employee wishes into the planning process. All thanks to Preferred Duty Planning, Employee & Manager Self Services and, in future, even a Shift Exchange Platform. The customer service Center is staffed by 80 agents who are on hand during defined service times that are tailored to the forecasted call volumes. Backoffice operations are also factored in. Up to 2,800 calls are handled a day at peak times. Following the introduction of the new POS system planning in the outlet stores will be revenue-based. And Deerberg is implementing the Automatic Duty Plan in ist Logistics Center in Lüneburg where 200 employees pick, pack and send 3,500 parcels on average every day. At peak times the figure can be up to 10,000. After all, the company is continually working on becoming even better for its customers.

Source: ATOSS Annual Report 2013

Case Study Deerberg

Satisfied customers, motivated employees

Online, offline or hotline: Deerberg Versand aims to turn every point of contact into a positive experience for their customers. Therefore, the focus of staff at the North German company is firmly on the customer.

ATOSS Case Study Deerberg (pdf, 727 KB)

Customer and employee focus is paramount at Deerberg. At the same time, we need to ensure sustainable growth to secure the company’s success and, in turn, safeguard jobs. Workforce management helps us deploy the existing staff precisely and optimize personnel costs.

Stefan Deerberg | Managing Director Deerberg
ATOSS customer Deerberg

Our customer: Deerberg | ATOSS Annual Report 2013

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