Workforce deployment goes just-in-time

ATOSS Logistics Solution: Efficient personnel logistics enhances success

Logistics services are highly personnel intensive and heavily dependent on seasonal and order-related fluctuations. Maximum flexibility and efficient personnel processes are required throughout the company in order to confront the challenges of this international growth market. Demand-optimized workforce scheduling plays an especially crucial role here. Workforce management can be leveraged to tap potentials that have long been fully exhausted in other areas such as supply chain management. Fast delivery times, short-term goods availability and competitive prices are critical to success on the global transport and logistics market. Our solutions have an important part to play. Another plus: The ATOSS Logistics Solution enables you to meet all of the requirements that businesses in Europe will face as a result of the CJEU judgment on obligatory working time recording.

Quality and quantity firmly under full control

Any planning of personnel requirements has to be preceded by in-depth analysis. The aim of optimum working time organization along the supply chain is to be able to cushion cyclical fluctuations and short-term downtimes or workload peaks on a cost-optimized basis. Staff qualifications also play a key role in the planning process: even loading and unloading containers can often require hundreds of different qualifications. At the same time, scheduling has to take account of payscale-related, statutory and internal regulations as well as industry-specific factors such as rest periods and the time required for repackaging, assembly and labeling. The ATOSS Logistics Solution generates a schedule that draws on all the relevant parameters and complies with all rules to ensure demand-optimized and cost-optimized workforce scheduling. Planners benefit from a clearly structured display of all the information required. Warnings prevent rule violations and indicate any need for training or renewal of qualifications.

Best of Logistics


For personnel deployments just-in-time.

Best of Logistics (pdf, 2593 KB)

Future viable workforce scheduling

The ATOSS Logistics Solution integrates the functions of time management, workforce forecasting and workforce scheduling. Unlimited scalability means the solution grows with the demands made on it. The portfolio can be further extended by numerous supplementary modules ranging from time recording, access control and qualification management through to mobile apps and self-services as well as strategic capacity and demand planning. Nothing is left to be desired in terms of sustainable workforce management. The solution offers outstanding functionality, intuitive user guidance and state-of-the-art technology. It is platform-independent and dovetails seamlessly with existing system infrastructures. Our customers benefit from low integration costs, superior performance and free choice of time recording equipment, databases and operating systems – in other words, long-term investment security. Open, flexibly adaptable interfaces allow the ATOSS Logistics Solution to be quickly linked to downstream and upstream components such as PPS and order control systems. It is available in the Cloud or on premises.

Benefits and Effects

  • Scheduling down to the nearest minute and online availability of information
  • Qualifications are taken into account
  • Warnings in the event of rule violations
  • Enhanced planning quality due to automated, rule-based schedule proposals
  • Incorporation of external staff in planning and scheduling
  • Improved forecasting capacity with medium and long-term scenarios
  • Greater cost transparency in budget monitoring due to target/actual comparisons
  • Cost-neutral balancing out of workload peaks and downtimes
  • Ensures response capacity and productivity by means of more flexible working time models
  • Fairer scheduling boosts motivation

Need more functions? We’ll be more than happy to oblige! There is a wide range of supplementary modules available for the ATOSS Logistics Solution – after all, we offer individual options as standard.

A comprehensive set of modules

  • Task Management
  • Automatic Duty Plan
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Flexible Staffing Schedule
  • Capacity Planning
  • Cost Center Management
  • Employee Exchange System
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Personnel Needs Assessment
  • Schedule Quality
  • Project Time Recording
  • Further Training Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Time Recording: Workplace, Telephone, Terminal
  • Access Control
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