Demand-optimized planning: costs down, service levels and sales up

ATOSS Retail Solution – making sure your customers come back

High personnel costs, service deficiencies at peak times, untapped sales potential – our solution to this dilemma is demand-optimized workforce scheduling. If staff are in the store when customers really need them, your increase the conversion rate and not the cost of personnel – providing the system is based on intelligent planning. IT-supported workforce scheduling supports companies in retail by enabling down-to-the minute workforce scheduling based on demand drivers such as sales, customer frequency and receipt volumes and taking precise account of daily peaks and lows. 95 percent forecast accuracy, 11 percent more sales with the same workforce numbers, 90 percent less planning input and an 8 percent increase in the conversion rate – these are figures taken from current ATOSS retail projects. They impressively underline the true potential of workforce management.

High-precision workforce deployment in branch stores

The retail sector in particular is defined by factors such as long opening hours, significant demand fluctuations, varying service concepts and high personnel costs. Service-oriented yet cost-optimized sales staff deployment is a crucial success factor. Behind the scenes in logistics there is also a growing demand for precisely timed staff availability. At the same time, a huge increase in the range of factors that play into optimized workforce scheduling has entered the picture. In addition to statutory requirements, pay scales and specific internal regulations, scheduling also has to take account of qualifications, individual preferences, break times, special campaigns and even weather forecasts. With 30 staff in a store and three different starting times, the scheduling options run into 12 digits, resulting in levels of complexity that can no longer be handled manually by spreadsheets. A professional workforce management tool is required that gives retail companies the ability to map out complex scenarios, taking into account specific internal requirements and enabling precise staff deployment and management.

A solution with a future

The ATOSS Retail Solution was developed specifically for use in retail and store management. The solution integrates the functions of workforce forecasting, workforce management and working time management. Thanks to unlimited scalability, the solution will readily grow with the demands made on it. The portfolio can be further extended by adding numerous supplementary modules ranging from time recording, access control, task and qualification management through to mobile apps and self-services as well as strategic capacity and demand planning. What’s more, the ATOSS Retail Solution naturally complies with the demand by the European Court of Justice (CJEU) for obligatory working time recording. The ATOSS solution stands for superior functionality, intuitive user guidance and state of the art technology. Platform-independent, it dovetails seamlessly with existing system infrastructures. Our customers benefit from low integration costs, superior performance and free choice of time recording equipment, databases and operating systems – in other words, long-term investment security. Open, flexibly adaptable interfaces allow the ATOSS Retail Solution to be quickly linked to downstream and upstream components such as cashpoint or merchandise management systems. The solution features multi-lingual capability and easily handles all the challenges involved in fast expansion, company takeovers or international market launches. The solution is available in the cloud and on premises.


Business cases from the retail sector

Best of Retail

Premium shopping experiences – online and offline

Best of Retail (pdf, 2425 KB)

Benefits and effects

  • Fast and simple scheduling
  • Significant reduction in planning input
  • Transparency due to online access to the very latest consistent data
  • Cost optimization in all aspects of staffing
  • Increased sales due to higher service level
  • Enhanced planning quality due to automated, rule-based schedule proposals
  • High level of staff satisfaction thanks scheduling preferences factored in
  • Performance indicators for management purposes
  • Scheduling allows comparison between branches
  • Long-term investment protection due to platform independence

Need more functions? We’ll be more than happy to oblige! There is a wide range of supplementary modules available for the ATOSS Retail Solution – after all, at ATOSS individual options come as standard.

A comprehensive set of modules

  • Task Management
  • Automatic Duty Plan
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Cost Center Management
  • Employee Exchange System
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Project Time Recording
  • Further Training Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Time Recording: Workplace, Telephone, Terminal
  • Access control
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