Evangelic Foundation Hephata

Inclusion as a vision

Self-reliant living and the inclusion of individuals with disabilities are among the primary goals and challenges of the Evangelic Foundation Hephata. The foundation offers ist roughly 3,000 customers in North Rhine Westphalia comprehensive services for orchestrating daily life, leisure time, work and education. More than 2,400 employees work either full-time or part-time in the 140 institutions belonging to the foundation, among them numerous workshops and residential complexes. The foundation relies on quality and modern methods. This applies in particular to the organization of working time, which is systematically aligned with individual care services. ATOSS Medical Solution supports this commitment and ensures cost-effective and efficient workforce management.

The Task Management add-on module enables numerous time managementprocesses and organizational sequences to be optimized, such as changing authorizations in case of permanent redeployment. All employees are integrated into Time and Attendance Management via Self Services. Our mobile app is used in selected areas. This enables the Evangelic Foundation Hephata to respond flexibly to the demands of the social market and the needs of its customers and staff.

Source: Our customer Evangelic Foundation Hephata | ATOSS Annual Report 2015

Best of Medical

For the benefit of patients, employees and businesses

Business cases from the health-care sector. For a of future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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