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Healthcare in the cloud? Naturally!

Leverkusen Hospital relies on high-quality health services, company-wide process optimization and the responsible deployment of all resources. Workforce management is making valuable contributions to this approach. The hospital provides medical excellence to the region with a capacity of 740 beds and ensures continuously high care quality by way of the demand-driven planning and scheduling of its roughly 2,200 employees across all professions. Workforce management also plays a key role in an additional focus issue – namely employer branding. That’s because working time concepts for a better work-life balance and greater employee inclusion form an integral part of these topics. The innovative working time models in place at the hospital can be easily managed by means of ATOSS Medical Solution.

The workforce is actively involved in processes via Self Services and Preferred Duty Planning. Our app makes time & attendance management even easier – any time and any place. Deployment can even be managed from home by smartphones or tablets. Efficiency calls for transparency. And this is why the ATOSS BI Connector is tasked with combining relevant information from the ATOSS solution with the Smart Analyzer tool to create multi-dimensional evaluations. Whether time credits, overtime accounts, vacation accounts or the course of sickness rates, development of age structures or further training measures – in the near future, ATOSS Task Management will automatically deliver defined reports punctually to management. This will create an even more in-depth basis for information and decision making for senior doctors, heads of nursing services, administrative heads and management. Such efficiency delivers decisive effects. For example, six-figure provisions were reduced by the proactive management of overtime and residual leave. And the next project is already underway.

In order to ease the pressure on IT resources and secure the optimum performance of all the relevant systems, the ATOSS Medical Solution will be run from the cloud. Whether on premises or in the cloud – professional workforce management is an essential part of the corporate strategy at Leverkusen Hospital. The results are convincing: motivated employees, generous scope for patients and their care – and a profitable company.

Source: Our customer Leverkusen Hospital | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

Case Study Leverkusen Clinical Center

Putting people first

At Leverkusen Clinical Center people come first. The hospital endeavors to provide health care services of the highest quality and to deploy all of its resources responsibly. The clinical center relies on an integrated workforce management system to achieve this, enabling processes to be continuously improved and costs optimized.

ATOSS Case Study Leverkusen Clinical Center (pdf, 797 KB)

Our crucial focus across all areas is on optimizing processes. Given the high personnel costs in hospitals, there is enormous potential here for greater cost efficiency. Our success confirms this. According to current experience, we will be able to achieve savings in personnel costs and also enhance our attractiveness as employer thanks to reliable working times.

Detlef Odendahl | Authorized representative Division Manager for Law & Human Resources
Klinikum Leverkusen

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