Lubinus Clinicum

Duty plans with a long-term effect

The Lubinus Clinicum in Kiel employs more than 500 staff members and prioritizes care quality. And successfully so: For the fifth time in a row, the hospital equipped with 212 beds has received awards from the news magazine FOCUS – distinguished as the »TOP National Hospital 2016 for Orthopedics« and the »TOP Regional Hospital 2016«. The hospital’s management has selected the ATOSS Medical Solution compact, a preconfigured solution that reflects all of the relevant best practice processes for workforce management in the healthcare sector.

As a result, the hospital was able to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with introducing the system and training the staff in its use, and to quickly put the solution into operation. Using the Cost Center Management add-on module, working times at the Lubinus Clinicum are allocated according to the cost-by-cause principle. This creates a solid foundation for increased transparency and profitability. And employees stand to profit as well: Thanks to ATOSS Self Services, they are actively involved in time and attendance management.

Source: Our customer Lubinus Clinicum | ATOSS Annual Report 2015

Best of Medical

For the benefit of patients, employees and businesses

Business cases from the health-care sector. For a of future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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