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expert – this is a powerful group with currently 215 members and a total sales area of 451,000 m² at 454 locations all over Germany. With around 460 employees, expert's goods distribution center provides a variety of services for the expanding association. This also involves expert’s warehousing. The logistics center in Hanover/Langenhagen with total space of 32,000 m² supplies retailers and handles online business. expert’s specialist retailers procure around 45 percent of all goods – from consumer electronics to domestic electrical equipment – through their own group wholesaler. This calls for a tight organization and lean personnel processes. After a detailed analysis of their requirements, management opted for ATOSS Workforce Managementin order to ensure pinpoint-precision, cost-effective workforce management in logistics. The result is professional, uniform planning based on real-time data, and staff who can keep right up to the minute on duty schedules and working time accounts via Self Services.

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