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With a workforce of some 1,700 employees, Hauptgenossenschaft Nord AG, or HaGe Kiel for short, ranks as one of the largest trading corporations in the agriculture sector in Germany. The main focus is on Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the other new federal states. Operating its own large scale terminals in Hamburg, Rostock and Kiel, HaGe Kiel is engaged in the international marketing and sales of grain and handled half of Germany's exports to third countries last year. The company's business segments are divided into divisions for grain, rape and pulses, crop production equipment, as well as animal feed and logistics. Powerful logistics chains, modern feed mills and a diversified fleet for general cargo, bulk products, silo transport systems and machinery connect domestic agriculture with national and international markets. To bring even greater efficiency to its production facilities and logistics centers, HaGe Kiel decided to introduce the ATOSS Enterprise Solution – interfacing with the SAP ERP system in place throughout the Company.

It was a particular challenge for our consultants to analyze the wide variety of working time management rules at the individual locations, harmonizing them where necessary and mapping them in the solution. Project management is highly satisfied with the result. Today, time recording is performed on robust terminals or by telephone. An interface to the ZA-ARC fleet management enables data to be taken directly from the digital tachographs of the truck fleet. In this way, the company has an overview of the driving and resting times – accurate to the nearest minute – of its roughly 300 truck drivers who transport goods to and from Poland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and within Germany. In the meantime, all 950 industrial workers in production and logistics have been incorporated Info the ATOSS solution. Error prone manual processes and queries in the Human Resources department have been consigned to history. Company management is delighted with the significant cost reductions in administration and new transparency levels regarding working time. The introduction of Employee & Manager Self Services is already in the planning stage.

Source: Our customer HaGe Kiel | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

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