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Every minute is vital in the global transport and logistics growth market. Whether by road, rail or sea – standstills spell losses.This calls for intelligent transport concepts, exact route planning and pinpoint precision in employee planning and scheduling. The HOYER Group is one of the world's leading bulk logistics specialists with around 5,700 employees in over 115 countries. This successful family business has specialized in the chemicals, food, gas and mineral oil sectors and generates sales to the tune of some billions. HOYER deploys over 2,700 tractor units, 3,000 tank trailers, 24,900 IBCs and 36,400 tank containers as well as operating numerous logistics centers with depots, purification plants and workshops. The Petrolog business unit supplies petrol station networks with fuel and lubricants and airports with aviation fuel in eleven European countries.

Drivers and equipment in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark are scheduled and managed by the ATOSS Logistics Solution. Here, avoiding expensive empty runs as well as downtime and idle times is essential, while the truck drivers’ statutory driving times and rest periods must be precisely adhered to. Factors such as qualifications, different budgeted working times, shift cycles of 2 to 13 weeks, multi-shift operations, on-call times, travel times and various remuneration systems are also incorporated into the planning process. The principle of the mobile workplace has been codeveloped, meaning that drivers, tractor units and tank trailers can be separately scheduled and combined so as to optimize costs. To summarize: Planning and scheduling drivers and tankers is a highly complex undertaking, which is why HOYER also relies on the Flexible Assignment Plan module. The advantages: Employees can be easily and clearly assigned to their vehicles by drag & drop. This simplifies the planning process enormously to the benefit of ergonomics and transparency. ATOSS Task Management is also designed to warn dispatchers in future if statutory driving times and rest periods are not adhered to. Thanks to innovative workforce management, HOYER is retaining its competitive edge in a hotly contested, extremely price-sensitive market.

Source: Our customer HOYER Group | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

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