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WISAG Aviation Service Holding provides a wide variety of ground-based transport and logistics services at ten major German airports including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn and Munich: reliably, rapidly and efficiently. From cabin services, loading and unloading, and aircraft deicing to passenger services, ticketing, baggage sorting and air freight – there are a host of tasks that need to mesh smoothly together in the interval between landing and take-off. The company has around 4,000 employees on duty 365 days each year to ensure that turnaround proceeds without a hitch and aircraft, passengers and baggage reach their destination on time. And for this expanding services provider, doing a quality job under maximum time pressure is all part of a day’s work. Tight timescales, efficient staff deployment, rapid response times and perfectly coordinated work processes all necessitate high-performance workforce management. After intensive evaluation and practical testing, WISAG Aviation Service Holding opted for ATOSS Time Control.

The clearly set goals of the project were to bring added flexibility to the company’s personnel processes, along with optimized duty rosters and group-wide transparency. At the same time, WISAG was eager to simplify System landscapes throughout the company and upgrade from home-grown programs. Varying industrywide and sector-specific pay agreements and a large number of working time patterns and complex overtime arrangements were replicated 1:1 in the software. Relevant data from the ERP and hub control systems are also integrated into the scheduling process. Group-wide data access is regulated by a detailed concept of authorizations. The new software quickly became accepted thanks to the intuitive user guidance which made it easy for even inexperienced users to come on board. Even in the early stages of introduction, some impressive payroll benefits were achieved. The next step involves introducing the ATOSS solution for around 6,000 employees in the company's Security & Service business unit. However, one of Germany’s largest service companies is already convinced: choosing ATOSS was a precision landing.

Source: Our customer WISAG Aviation Service Holding | ATOSS Annual Report 2013

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