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AHC Oberflächentechnik ranks among the leading European service companies for functional surface coatings of metal, light metal and plastic materials. A total of 900 employees at 19 sites in Europe develop, produce and finish highly resilient functional surfaces. The diversity of nature serves as a unique source of inspiration for the innovative company’s new developments.

To meet the high quality and efficiency standards, the company’s in-house processes were put to the test, calling for improved agility and flexibility across all departments and divisions. AHC continually works towards that goal using ATOSS Workforce ManagementWorkforce scheduling and, in some areas, the Flexible Staffing Plan, are deployed in production. ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Services in AHC’s corporate design actively involves all employees in time and attendance Management. Vacation request and approval workflows are implemented digitally. Seeing as there is an average of 12 requests per employee and year, this helps to save a significant amount of time. ATOSS Task Management and its proactive notification functionalities ensure improved efficiency in day-to-day business. ATOSS Cost Center Management allows for down to the minute assignment of working time to the corresponding projects.

Source: Our customer AHC Oberflächentechnik | ATOSS Annual Report 2014
Note: Since 2019 Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

Our company has a major influence on the development of cutting-edge and complex surface structures. We also focus on innovation and future-proofing with regard to our HR work. This strategy is perfectly supported by our modern workforce management solution. It gives us the certainty and security to react flexibly and quickly to market fluctuations at any time – a critical success factor at an internationally active surface technology specialist.

Gerald Löhrer | Commercial Manager
AHC Oberflächentechnik

Case Study AHC Oberflächentechnik

Getting below the surface

Ingenious ideas are built on efficiency. If you truly want to understand the world of surfaces, you need an excellent teacher.

ATOSS Case Study AHC (pdf, 1112 KB)
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