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Optimizing processes, raising transparency, promoting personal responsibility. With these objectives along with some 400 specific requirements from the various departments, the pharmaceutical research-driven company BERLIN-CHEMIE embarked on ist workforce management project. In the interest of supporting dynamic growth with a flexible organization, the company with more than 5,000 staff across 30 European countries opted for an ATOSS solution.

The international MENARINI Group's German subsidiary systematically put all of its staffing-related processes to the test. The outcome is impressive indeed: around 30 workflows, from simple vacation requests through complex overtime applications, make work much more efficient for 2,000 staff in the back office and field force, and do the same in Human Resources. Keeping paper documents and incurring archiving costs are now a thing of the past. Some 700 staff in the field are integrated in the time and attendance management system through self services. Managers can now keep an eye on the attendance and absence of their people at all times. All in all, the optimized processes add up to time savings of about 10,000 hours per year for BERLIN-CHEMIE. No wonder the in-house acceptance rate is so high. The ATOSS solution, which goes by the name of »Saluti« here, is now a fixed element of the German-Italian corporate culture.

Source: Our customer BERLIN-CHEMIE | ATOSS Anual Report 2013

Our solution creates added value on all levels. Managers and staff alike no longer need to go through routine operations. This creates additional scope and is a major motivating factor.

Britta Fink | Head of Payroll and responsible for the project

Best of Prodction

For more flexible personnel processes in production

Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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