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Working for medi means dispensing quality of life. Because the products from this Bayreuth based company with a rich tradition give their users what they want most – a better feeling. The company develops and distributes medical products in the fields of phlebology, lymphology, orthopedics, hospital products, prosthetics and foot care, as well as featuring a range of sports and fashion products. The workforce comprises some 2,200 employees active in 17 offices around the world and in two production facilities in Germany and USA. Its headquarters in Bayreuth accounting for 1,300 members of staff. The growth strong company has been relying on ATOSS Workforce Management in its administration and production departments for almost 20 years.

As part of a comprehensive reorganization project in 2006, the company’s system environment and HR processes were optimized. At the same time, the database which had grown substantially in size, was streamlined. Today, the company’s commercial employees use ATOSS Employee & Manager Self Services. The 600 employees in the production facilities are scheduled in a demand optimized manner. ATOSS BI Connector provides the company’s business intelligence tool with relevant data for analyses and evaluations. Workforce management is creating the basis for the staff-oriented and future-proof organization of working time at medi.

Source: Our customer medi | ATOSS Annual Report 2014

Best of Prodction

For more flexible personnel processes in production

Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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