Major market changes

The global sugar market is undergoing a period of change. In 2017, the competition for market shares will intensify further still with the discontinuation of the European sugar market regulations currently protecting domestic production. The Nordzucker Group is adapting to the situation and implementing consistent changes. A comprehensive efficiency program is creating the basis for even greater focus on the market and customers, while sustainability and profitability will play an important part in the process. With 3,300 employees in seven countries, the company is one of the leading sugar manufacturers in Europe. Sugar production is a heavily seasonal business concentrated around three to four months of harvest time in the fall.

This represents a challenge for working time management, because the short annual campaign period causes more than 10,000 hours of overtime per year, depending on the volume of the harvest. ATOSS Workforce Management is helping to schedule the deployment of 1,200 industrial workers and additional seasonal workers in the German factories in a demand-driven and cost-optimized manner. The ATOSS online interface SAP® Connector allows the smooth exchange of all relevant data with the company’s SAP® ERP HCM system. The objective of the project is clear: enhanced planning quality, greater transparency and more flexibility in all aspects of working time and at least 30 percent fewer hours of overtime per year. We are happy to take on the challenge.

Source: Our customer Nordzucker | ATOSS Annual Report 2015

Best of Prodction

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