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Around 60,000 employees, more than 16 million electricity customers and almost eight million gas customers make RWE one of the five leading electricity and gas providers in Europe. Whether it is lignite production, generating power from gas, coal, nuclear energy or renewable energy sources, the energy trade or the sales and distribution of electricity and gas – RWE is active at all stages of the energy value chain. To ensure reliable supply at fair prices, the company focuses on renewable energy, innovative products and cost-efficient production. Depending on the daily rates and the weather, base load power plants such as Niederaussem, the second most powerful coal-fired plant in Germany, are flexibly switched to the grid. And employee deployment in the production facilities of the seven blocks of the coal-fired power plant has to be just as flexible. Conventional, inflexible shift schedules cannot provide the agility required. ATOSS supports RWE in its efforts to efficiently put the new challenges in workforce management and scheduling into practice in order to ensure smooth, cost-efficient operations at the Niederaussem coal power plant. Demand-oriented shift planning that takes into account factors such as the number of employees required, working time accounts, qualifications, availability, work safety regulations, working time stipulations or start-up times of the plant allows for the necessary flexibility.

Moreover, the part-time plant firefighters and first responders will also be managed with the help of the ATOSS solution. In order to enable the real-time data exchange of all relevant information, our solution is fully integrated into the existing SAP® ERP HCM solution via the ATOSS SAP® Connector. We are proud that ATOSS Workforce Management can make a small contribution to a sustainable, secure and affordable supply of energy.

Source: Our customer RWE | ATOSS Annual Report 2014

Best of Prodction

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Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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