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Industry 4.0 needs flexibility

Globalization, demographics and digitization are changing the working environment at a rapid pace. Production companies have to be agile enough to respond to market and customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively. Two companies belonging to the international thyssenkrupp group, rely on ATOSS Workforce Scheduling in order to achieve the necessary flexibility in their workforce. An online interface with the company’s SAP® ERP HCM System ensures the smooth exchange of data. thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel, the world’s largest production facility for packaging steel, is also opting for demand-specific production. Flexible operating points create the necessary preconditions to enable the company to achieve a fast, cost-optimized response to customer requests. 

The steel producer has been scheduling and managing the deployment of its 1,800 production workers with ATOSS Workforce Management since 2014. Even the complex planning process for the roughly 70-strong works fire brigade comprising full-time and part-time firefighters is carried out with the aid of the program in an audit proof manner. The company is working continuously and systematically on implementing flexible productivity capacities and ensuring the optimum allocation of production facilities.The objective at thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel is qualification-related planning for several years ahead and accurate to the month. This is intended to facilitate operating and strategic decisions with regard to recruitment and qualification concepts. Production-on-demand is a reality embraced by thyssenkrupp.

Best of Prodction

For more flexible personnel processes in production

Business cases from the production sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

Best of Production (pdf, 8520 KB)

With measures such as closely synchronized deployment plans, innovative shift models, ‘traffic light’ accounts, organization of working time factoring in aging workforce or multiple qualifications, we are able to create flexible staff capacity. Industry 4.0 cannot be achieved without short-term flexibility on all levels.

Klaus Höfer | Head of Industrial Engineering thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel 
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