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In the age of Industry 4.0, production companies such as thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel have to react quickly and costeffectively to the demands of the market and customers. The company operates the world’s largest production facility for packaging steel in Andernach, and features as one of the top 3 suppliers in Europe. At present, around 2,400 employees produce roughly 1.5 million tonnes of packaging steel a year for 400 customers from 80 countries. thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel, is uncompromising in its drive for demand-based, cost-effective production. Flexible operating points create the necessary preconditions to react quickly, where needed, and keep costs at an optimum level.

ATOSS Workforce Scheduling features an online interface to SAP ERP HCM, ensuring that the workforce can operate with the required flexibility. This tinplate producer has been planning and managing the deployment of its approx. 2,000 employees in production based on ATOSS Workforce Management since 2014. Even the complex task of scheduling the roughly 70-strong full-time and part-time works first responders is performed by means of the solution with a full audit trail. The company continuously and systematically invests its efforts in achieving flexible productivity capacity and guaranteeing the optimum staffing of production equipment. In order to further enhance planning quality, thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel is currently introducing the Automatic Duty Plan. When drawing up schedules, the system applies rules to take direct account of maximum working times, rest periods, shift sequences, time accounts, qualifications and individual leisure time arrangements. Individual agreements and employee requests are automatically incorporated in the planning as well. Following the pilot project in the production warehouse, rollout is due to begin for the entire production area. Attention will then turn to introducing the Mobile Workforce Management app, as the company would like to give employees an even more active role in their time & attendance management. In future, they will be able to view times posted and duty schedules at any time and from anywhere, apply for holidays and free days or swap shifts with workmates. At thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel, flexibility is lived reality – and also a sustainable, future viable working environment.

Source: Our customer thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel | ATOSS Annual Report 2017
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We create flexible personnel capacity by adopting measures such as tightly synchronized duty plans, innovative shift models, transparent traffic light accounts or by designing working times to factor in the aging workforce. Industry 4.0 is not feasible without short-term flexibility on all levels.

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thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel

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