The ultimate shopping experience for customers – that is the declared corporate aim of Douglas. The market leader in the perfume sector with 450 stores in Germany epitomizes customer enthusiasm, a service-driven approach and operational excellence. The expertise, motivation and service ideal of the roughly 7,800 staff and their presence on the sales floor play a decisive role. The staff is supposed to invest their valuable time entirely in dealing with customers. That is what is crucial at the end of the day for the productivity performance. This is the only way to ensure value-driven growth. ATOSS Retail Solution optimizes the match between customer footfall and staff numbers as well as the way in which store processes are organized. Workforce forecasting, automated workforce scheduling and in-depth management analyses provide valuable support in this process. Douglas aims to offer customers a personalized service to make them enjoy a pleasurable and top-class shopping experience at all times.

Source: Our customer Douglas | ATOSS Annual Report 2013

ATOSS customer Douglas

Our customer: Douglas | ATOSS Annual Report 2013

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