Always different, always EDEKA

With differentiated sales concepts and around 11,500 stores, EDEKA is meeting the needs of all customer segments. Around 4,000 self-employed entrepreneurs give Germany’s leading retail brand its face to consumers. Seven large regional companies ensure an optimum supply of groceries, as well as the provision of customized services. Six of these regional companies have been using ATOSS Workforce Management for many years to manage their staff in administration and affiliated production, logistics and franchise companies. At EDEKA Minden-Hannover, for example, the working times of more than 33,000 employees are scheduled by our solution with around 1,600 stores and centrally managed supermarkets, twelve logistics centers and seven production operations. diska with a network of branches numbering over 100 stores in Northern Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia, is now also part of the ATOSS family. Numerous retailers of all sizes now rely on ATOSS for scheduling their staff – either hosted by the regional company responsible for them or as an inhouse solution. And the trend is on the rise. Karl Preuß GmbH & Co., for example, with 22 WEZ supermarkets and 1,700 employees, is running the installation inhouse. Also, a lot of smaller retailers such as EDEKA Stadler+Honner with eight outlets in Bavaria, EDEKA Haslbeck with a store in Lower Bavaria, EDEKA Clausen with a store in Hamburg or EDEKA Glahn with a store in Thuringia are benefiting from ATOSS Workforce Management. For all their diversity, there is one thing that the members of the expanding EDEKA Group have in common – a strong focus on quality, customers and service.

Source: Our customer EDEKA | ATOSS Annual Report 2015

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