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The Shell brand enjoys a worldwide reputation – and not just among motorists. The company with the striking shell in its logo ranks as one of the leading players in the oil and gas industry. With a workforce of some 93,000 employees, the energy corporation operates in 70 countries worldwide. In the Netherlands around 2,700 employees work on more than 230 Shell Retail sites. At these sites customers don't just fill up their cars, but also buy hot beverages, refreshments and snacks as well as groceries – and the opening hours of these branch outlets extend well beyond those of conventional supermarkets. In future, the 24-hour deployment of staff required for this service will be managed by the ATOSS Retail Solution, and Shell Retail Netherlands has opted for workforce management in the cloud.

This reflects the innovative company’s IT strategy: In addition to focusing on core business, it also allows a level of flexibility that permits rapid expansion as well as ensuring cost transparency. After a comprehensive process analysis was carried out, the project team consisting of representatives from Retail Operations, HR and IT was impressed by the potential that the workforce management tool can offer. The company is consistently geared towards a high level of customer satisfaction at the POS, and flexible workforce scheduling based on customer traffic is a crucial factor here. Automatic Duty Scheduling factors in drivers such as customer frequency levels, receipt sizes and sales revenue as well as qualifications and individual staff requirements. The system takes statutory provisions, collective wage agreements and specific internal regulations automatically into account. Expensive over- and understaffing is a thing of the past: Staff are deployed precisely as needed. In addition, the team and management enjoy smooth communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere thanks to our Mobile Workforce Management app for smartphones and tablets. Shell Retail Netherlands has completed the pilot project and the rollout is now progressing at the retail sites. In this way, the company is continuing to put its customers in the driver’s seat.

Source: Our customer Shell Retail Netherlands | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

Improving our customer journey and experience whilst keeping all of our sites running with quick and easy service is paramount.

Maggie van’t Hoff | CIO
Shell Retail Netherlands

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Business cases from the retail sector. For a future-oriented, flexible workforce scheduling.

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