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Demanding customers, fluctuating orders, multi-channel service and high availability make workforce scheduling in support centers a genuine challenge. The hardware manufacturer Acer ranks among the pace-setters when it comes to customer orientation. The company has already won multiple awards for its excellent service and modern interaction options, most recently as the winner of a test conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality, for advice and support offered by computer manufacturers. In order to ensure that the company retains this edge, planning and managing of the roughly 200 staff members employed in the Contact and Repair Center at Acer Germany, are conducted with ATOSS Workforce Management.

The clear objective is to move away from rigid shift planning to flexible, customer-oriented workforce scheduling. There are around 50 employees at the Contact Center who can be reached at all times by Acer customers through live chat, social media, email and by telephone. ATOSS Call Center Solution is now providing demand-based and cost-optimized duty plans based on historical data for the Contact Center. Legislation, pay-scales, company regulations and individual rules and qualifications are automatically factored in. The solution is also used to generate the duty plans for the roughly 150 employees in the Repair Center. The system uses performance indicators to calculate how many orders per day can be processed and also includes backlog repairs in its daily schedules. This ensures that maintenance is always running at full capacity. Acer has a good grip on its staff planning process and provides excellent service on a daily basis. And customers are happy.

Source: Our customer Acer | ATOSS Annual Report 2015

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