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HECTAS is one of the leading providers of infrastructure building services and is specialized in commercial cleaning as well as in building and security services. Maintaining 41 subsidiaries and numerous branches, the company is on location across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. In this multi-services branch, the economic and efficient planning and scheduling of staff is of crucial importance. Consequently, HECTAS has long been relying on ATOSS Time Control as an on premise solution for the planning and management of its more than 8,500 employees in Germany and Austria. Now, HECTAS has also opted for ATOSS Workforce Management in the Netherlands – this time in the cloud. The record time rollout of less than six months was part of an ambitious major project in which structures were optimized and two further systems concurrently implemented.

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Via interfaces, the ATOSS solution was smoothly connected to the company-wide SAP ERP system and the local Raet payroll solution, resulting in a consistent, new system environment with efficient personnel processes. Time recording, working time management and workforce scheduling are now performed digitally for some 2,000 employees. The standard version of the program maps and meets the entire scope of requirements that HECTAS makes on workforce management. Today, when projects are taken over, new employees coming on board are rapidly integrated into the solution. Management is able to access evaluations and calculations on all working time management issues at any given time. In the highly competitive facility management market, service orientation and cost efficiency are decisive success factors. At HECTAS, digital workforce management creates the necessary transparency and flexibility in all aspects of human resources – in Germany, Austria and now also in the Netherlands.

Source: Our customer HECTAS Netherlands | ATOSS Annual Report 2018

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