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The Jochen Schweizer brand is synonymous with thrills and adventure. So it’s no surprise that the new Jochen Schweizer Arena in the south of Munich is an absolute hotspot for unique experience worlds. A wind tunnel in which visitors literally take off in body flight, a permanent indoor wave for surfing and the outdoor high rope course are just three of the attractions providing fun and thrills 365 days a year. The offerings are rounded off by creative, regional cuisine in several restaurant areas and a multi-functional spatial concept for up to 1,200 guests. After all, the arena is not only intended as a port of call for leisure time activities, but also as a very special location for company events of all kinds. This is where business meets adventure. Some 75 employees, mainly trainers, security personnel, chefs and service staff, are responsible for ensuring a perfect operation, top notch service and excellent cuisine – seven days a week.

And this is where we entered the picture. Jochen Schweizer opted for ATOSS Time Control as early as the planning phase. In its standard version, our software readily met all the requirements for time recording, access control and workforce scheduling. All employees are recording their times on a central terminal. According to a sophisticated authorization concept, 36 doors open for authorized personnel only. Here, our partner PCS provided the relevant hardware. Demand-driven duty planning ensures that all workplaces are staffed with the defined number of qualified employees at all times. Statutory provisions and framework conditions laid down in collective wage agreements as well as individual regulations are automatically taken into account – an important issue, as work continues more or less round the clock. As a result, the Jochen Schweizer Arena is ideally equipped to deliver those very special customer thrills. With the Munich arena now in place, this dynamic company is just getting started, and additional adventure centers are already in the planning Pipeline.

Source: Our customer Jochen Schweizer Arena | ATOSS Annual Report 2016

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Saad Daoud | Managing Director
Jochen Schweizer Arena

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