Tough metals, powerful Workforce – Plansee SE


  • Digital workforce scheduling for 1,800 production employees
  • Management and planning of 300 seasonal interns 
  • Seamless integration into company-wide SAP Time Management
  • Long-term planning security, including mapping of ghost shifts
  • Efficient job assignment based on transparent qualifications matrix

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The Plansee Group specializes in the powder-metallurgical processing of the refractory metals molybdenum and tungsten. Founded in 1921, this private company always comes up with just the right solutions wherever exceptionally tough materials and tools are required to operate at the limits of technical feasibility. The globally operating innovation and technology leader is represented on four continents with 50 production plants and just under 14,000 employees. The company relies on the ATOSS Manufacturing Solution at its largest production facility in Reutte in Austria. It is seamlessly connected to the company-wide SAP ERP HCM PT system via the ATOSS SAP Connector. Working time data are automatically incorporated into ATOSS Workforce Scheduling and enriched with data from Qualifications Management.

The seamless integration of SAP Time and Attendance Management and ATOSS Workforce Scheduling results in leaner processes and enhanced planning quality.

Markus Müller
Head of Production Line Mechanical Workshop, Plansee SE

After a pilot project involving around 350 employees, the 1,800 production staff active in Reutte, as well as some 300 seasonal interns, will be managed by ATOSS Workforce Scheduling. The Capacity Planning module is intended to ensure long-term planning quality and even more precise delivery commitments. The so-called ghost shifts in which machines are equipped to operate on their own over weekends, will be set up in the system, too. Besides legal framework conditions, planning and scheduling also takes account of all the relevant machine qualifications. This ranges from simple machine operations to equipping machines, as well as training other employees in their use. A transparent qualifications matrix ensures that every work station has the right mix of trained staff – including additional qualifications such as fork lift drivers, fire safety officers or first responders. The Plansee Group is firmly committed to agile processes, high flexibility and optimized shift planning. Both at home in Austria and abroad. The introduction of ATOSS Workforce Management in Switzerland, Japan, the USA, France, Korea, China and India is now under consideration.

Source: ATOSS customer Plansee SE | ATOSS Annual Report 2018

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