Planning power in the cloud  - Shell Retail Netherlands 

Highlights at a glance

  • Digital workforce management for more than 3,000 employees
  • Demand-optimized workforce scheduling around the clock
  • Consideration of customer frequencies and average transaction value
  • Precise forecasting in 30-minute units
  • Mobile app means greater transparency for team and management 

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Shell Retail Netherlands stations are truly a place to refuel. At the sites, customers don't just fill up their cars, but also buy hot and cold beverages, refreshments, snacks and even groceries. Clients appreciate the good service, excellent product freshness and of course the generous opening hours which are well beyond those of conventional supermarkets. So it is not without reason that the Shell brand enjoys a worldwide reputation not just amongst motorists. With some 93.000 employees, the company operates in 70 countries and ranks as one of the leading players in the oil and gas industry. Shell Retail Netherlands runs 230 retail sites with more than 3.000 vendors. Since 2017, the ATOSS Retail Solution successfully manages the 24/7-deployment of the staff. Automatic Duty Scheduling factors in drivers such as customer frequency levels, receipt sizes and sales revenue as well as qualifications and individual staff requirements, allowing forecasting the required workforce down to 30 minutes units precisely. Expensive over- and understaffing belongs to the past.

Improving our customer journey and experience whilst keeping all of our sites running with quick and easy service is paramount.

Maggie van’t HoffCIO
Shell Retail Netherlands

The employees are deployed precisely as needed. Moreover, the system takes statutory provisions, collective wage agreements and specific internal regulations automatically into account. Shell Retail Netherlands chose the ATOSS Retail Solution in the cloud. Scalability allows the company to grow as they go. Moreover, the cloud solution suits the company's innovative IT strategy and ensures cost transparency. Employees at Shell benefit from anytime and anywhere communication via the ATOSS mobile app for tablets and smartphones. Shell Retail Netherlands has completed the rollout at all retail sites. In this way, the company is continuing to put it's customers in the driver's seat. The project in the Netherlands is considered a showcase for other countries.

Source: ATOSS Customer Shell Retail Netherlands

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